Deer Hunt Photo

Nate Kehres poses with a buck he shot at a deer hunt organized by Auglaize County Pheasants Forever.

This weekend marked the start of the youth hunting season and several area youngsters ages 16 and under took the opportunity to hunt deer with Auglaize County Pheasants Forever members in a privately owned woods on Koop Road.

Participants reviewed rules before they left, such as not loading their gun before starting time and unloading it when time was up.

Pheasants Forever member Jim Eisiert explained there were more safety concerns with pheasant hunting, because with deer hunting, “everybody is in their own little spot.”

“If they do shoot a deer, they are not supposed to leave the blind more than 25 to 30 feet,” Eisert said.

Many of those who showed up to participate were not amateurs and have gone hunting with family members prior to Saturday.

“A lot of these kids that have come through — it’s their second or third time,” Eisert said.

Participants are guided through the field dressing process if they are able to shoot a deer, a process that includes cutting out the heart and removing entrails.

Preston Rutschilling of New Knoxville shot a doe Sunday about an hour into the hunt. The doe came near a walking path and he landed the shot from about 35 yards away.

“I’m pretty happy with it,” Rutchilling said. “It was quick.”

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