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The Auglaize County Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk was held on High Street on Saturday in order to raise awareness of suicide and teach people about the signs and ways to help prevent it from happening with loved ones. Hosted by PASS, the walk went off perfectly as they walked through downtown St. Marys.

The annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk for Auglaize County took place on Saturday to bring attention to the issue of suicide and what it means to people in the county.

Organized by the Prevention Awareness Support Services (PASS), the event was held on High Street near the splash pad, with people gearing up to take a walk around downtown. Offering up flyers and other informative items, the main goal of the walk was to educate people about the issue of suicide.

“We are excited to be here, excited for the purpose that we are here for,” Pastor Rick Scheer said as he started the event proper. “However, the purpose is to bring awareness to an unfortunate situation, not only to Auglaize County, but throughout the United States and the world.”

Scheer opened up the event with a rundown of the events offered at the walk, as well as giving a prayer to the people who have dealt with a loved one losing their lives to suicide, or are dealing with suicidal thoughts themselves. He thanked the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board, Midwest Electric, Coleman Professional Services and the StateBank for their contributions to the event.

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