Gold Star Memorial Monument

The St. Marys Rotary Club was given a presentation by the Vietnam Veterans of America on a new monument that will be put up in Wapakoneta. Named the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, it is currently under construction at this time.

The St. Marys Rotary Club was visited by members of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) who wanted to talk about a memorial project being done in Wapakoneta.

Coming from Chapter 1126, the youngest chapter with 85 members currently, the members from the VVA that came were Secretary Ace Ambos, President Michael Borges, and Dave Hughes, who helped set up the meeting.

Though it may be the smallest chapter, they’ve decided to take on a major project that they will be conducting in Wapakoneta.

“We are installing a Gold Star Family Memorial in Wapak,” Ambos said at the beginning of the presentation. The location they’ve picked is in downtown, at the intersection of Perry Street and Auglaize Street. “It’s not just about Wapak, it’s not just about Vietnam — it is anyone that’s killed in any war defending the United States of America.”

The monument isn’t just something for Wapakoneta to enjoy, nor is it only meant for the soldiers that lived there. It’s supposed to be meant for the entirety of Northwest Ohio, with every Gold Star family in the area invited to join.

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