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NEW BREMEN — Monday night at the New Bremen village council meeting, Mayor Bob Parker reminded residents to keep the recycling center clean and free of debris.

Parker said he received a call from a New Bremen resident who lives near the village recycling center, asking if there was something they could do about trash that kept blowing into their backyard.

“I’m just asking the public to be cognizant if they drop something at the recycling center to please pick it up and put it in the appropriate recycling containers,” he said. “At least that could help for the time being. [It would] keep trash from blowing around and inconveniencing people who live right there.”

On a similar note, Councilor Dennis Burnell wanted to remind dog walkers to clean up after their pets.

“I’ve seen people carrying bags and clean it up, and I’ve seen people not have it,” he said. “It’s kind of like the trash at the recycling center — be responsible and clean up after yourselves.”

To read the full story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's edition of The Evening Leader.

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