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Vietnam veterans Jerry Klosterman and Darrell Summers reunited for first in more than 40 years last week.

Two Vietnam veterans — Jerry Klosterman and Darrell Summers — have finally reunited after losing contact 40 years ago.

The two veterans met for the very first time during the Vietnam War, in January of 1970. Their tours coincided at Qui Nhong, where both were assigned to take and develop pictures in the area, something which they did for nearly an entire year. The two started talking then, especially when it came to matters involving home.

“He shared some concerns of his family and mine. He had to leave there for about a month when his dad was really ill,” Klosterman said was a topic in one of their talks.

“We kept in touch when we got back. I mean, we did a lot together and took a lot of pictures together."

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