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“Lights, camera, we took action” reads the marquee at the Grand Opera House. Doug Spencer, part of the Friends of St. Marys Theater and Grand Opera House Inc. spoke at city council on Monday outlining future plans for the once abandoned building.

Doug Spencer claimed that the restored Grand Opera House will become a famous destination at the St. Marys City Council meeting on Monday.

Spencer of the Friends of St. Marys Theater and Grand Opera House, Inc. was at the meeting in order to provide some updates on the ongoing renovation project. Most of the roofing issues have been dealt with so far, and he seems to think things are looking good for the project.

“We have the quite the team that has assembled,” Spencer said when it came to who has come together since the project began. “A lot of talents, a lot of them have put a lot on the line to make this happen.”

The building is currently owned by the non-profit and the main focus at this time is to make sure they can actively fund the project, either through donations or through grants. Spencer believes that it is important to get state grants, with money to match it so things go well.

“If we don’t, we’re probably going to miss out on the best opportunity that St. Marys, Ohio is going to have for securing this possible grant,” Spencer stated. “I really want to put the emphasis on that. I hate that it comes down to money, but it’s what it comes down to.”

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