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Derek Stemen, of the United Way of Auglaize County, speaks during the St. Marys Rotary club meeting on Wednesday. He along with interim Auglaize County Director Natasha Kaufman explained what their organization does for groups within the county.

Every little bit helps when trying to keep the people of Auglaize County safe, healthy and educated, and the United Way has stated that they will always keep working towards that goal.

Coming to the St. Marys Rotary Club on Wednesday, the United Way was represented by Greater Lima President and CEO Derek Stemen and interim Auglaize County Director Natasha Kaufman. The main topic mainly focused on their organization and what they could offer to the county.

“What I really want to do is talk a little bit about what we’ve gone through these past couple of years as a United Way,” Stemen started when focusing on the organization. The past two years have been very eventful, with both good and bad things happening. “These past couple of years have been really tough for so many people in our community.”

Stemen, having worked extensively in the United Way and previously in the Red Cross, stated that disasters effect marginalized people more than others, something that has been proven true since the pandemic started. While many people would consider it an inconvenience, for anyone who is particularly vulnerable, Stemen knows it has been a nightmare since they’ve had to help almost twice as much to help local organizations.

“It truly has been an unprecedented time for all of us,” stated Stemen about the situation. At the United Way, though, they believe that they can spread a little hope by helping unite the community on a single front. “What our goal at the United Way is to over the next coming years to take us from a spirit of desperation to one of inspiration.”

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