Check Presentation Photo

Tri Star Director Tim Buschur and Assistant Director Brian Stetler received a check from Midwest Electric and Buckeye Power for a project involving the installation of several electric charging stations at the building by Joel M. Johns (mid-left) and Scott Snethkamp (far left).

CELINA — Tri Star Career Compact received a hefty donation from two organizations this week involving an upcoming project that interests everyone.

The organization is planning on adding three electric charging stations to their building, which they are currently getting funding for. As of right now, two organizations recently stepped up to provide some money to the project, which included Midwest Electric and Buckeye Power.

Midwest Electric was the one to present their money to Tri Star Director Tim Buschur and Assistant Director Brian Stetler, with representatives Joel Johns and Scott Snethkamp giving a $1,000 check to them to cash soon.

As for the business’s reasoning behind the donation, Johns was able to provide an answer.

“Tim Buschur from Tri-Star contacted me earlier this year about any funding that was available for the charging stations,” Johns explained about how the process had started. “At Midwest, we have a community connection fund, which he applied for that.”

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