Lynch Rock and Plaque

The rock and plaque at the center of the garden tells Lynch’s story to anyone that passes by, from his service in the military and law enforcement to his tragic end.

Family members of Michael Lynch, FBI agents and various members of St. Marys community gathered at 958 Spring Street on Tuesday for the official opening of the Michael J. Lynch Memorial Garden.

A project that has finally reached fruition, city officials were proud to dedicate the land and create a new park for the city to honor the memory of Special Agent Lynch. A native to St. Marys who served in the Air Force, fought in Vietnam before eventually becoming a member of the FBI, Lynch is someone many people remember fondly.

The ceremony began with a special, quick meeting done by the city council, officially recognizing the memorial as part of the city.

“St. Marys native Special Agent Michael J. Lynch was killed in the line of duty Dec. 18, 1982,” said Council President James Harris. The agent had been escorting a suspect at the time with other agents when the plane crashed near Montgomery, Ohio. “The name has been chosen to honor the immense service to our country, the sacrifice made by Michael J. Lynch as well as to honor all members of law enforcement, past, present and future for their service to our community.”

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