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MINSTER — Minster village council discussed at its meeting Tuesday night a recent speed study that was conducted in the village.

The study was conducted in the alley that runs by the post office.

One study ran from July 29 to Aug. 2 and another ran from Aug. 3 to Aug. 5.

The first study analyzed 264 cars that went through the intersection with the fastest speed recorded being 21 mph and the average speed coming in at 12 mph.

The second study analyzed 208 cars that went through, with 25 mph being the fastest speed, the slowest being 7 mph and the average speed being 14 mph.

The posted speed limit in the alley is 15 mph.

Councilor Craig Sherman informed council that he spoke with three residents who live in the alley and they want a speed bump put in to slow down traffic, citing safety concerns.

The village had purchased a removable speed bump to go in that alley but because the post office has since move the drop-off mailbox that was in the alley, they conducted another speed study and found that traffic through the area had gone gone.

“They said that the village purchased a speed bump and believed that it was going to be installed,” said Sherman. “They can’t understand why it wouldn’t be installed. They were very adamant that their children were in danger of getting hit. I think one of the residents even put a fence up because he was worried about getting hit.”

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