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St. Marys Chrysler Operations Manager Scott Nuttle, as well as Finance Manager Rob Bechtel, stand with SMPD officers with the mountain bikes they’re donating to the organization. The police department had been looking to replace the current mountain bikes in order to be able to use their bike patrol more often.

The St. Marys Police Department has been lucky enough to receive a donation from St. Marys Chrysler in the form of four new police mountain bikes.

St. Marys Police Chief Jake Sutton was proud to announce that the organization has received the bikes from the business and finally getting them in.

Sutton said St. Marys Chrysler Operations Manager Scott Nuttle was big part of the process, having gotten the idea after interacting with some officers at a football game.

“He had an interaction with some police mountain bike officers and he just found it was so much easier to approach them as opposed to an officer sitting in a car,” said Sutton. “Which is very true. He just wanted to help and do whatever he could to promote that here.”

Sutton stated that the police department had bike patrols in the city before and had been wanting to make it a more prominent thing in the community.

The donation came in at the right time.

“We’re very fortunate to have that donation and my hope is, especially with events like First Friday, and a lot of the summer events that are coming up, they’re going to see the bike patrol officers a lot more,” Sutton said.

The SMPD is thankful for the donation and are happy that the idea came to Nuttle when it did.

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