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Rod Carpenter nears the finish line during his Marathon VI: Lots for Soldiers race in 2020. Carpenter ran the marathon in memory of Sgt. Douglas Springer, who was a 20-year veteran with the Coldwater PD and died from suffering a heart attack while on duty in 1996.

With a lofty goal of raising $100,000 for their newest fundraising endeavor, Rod and Barb Carpenter are close to reaching that mark.

“We’re actually beyond belief,” said Rod Carpenter.

The Carpenters newest fundraiser is called Marathon IX: Tri Star Eternal Scholarships.

“We have a goal of $100,000 and we are as of today a couple hundred dollars short of $74,000, which is the largest out of all eight that we have done,” said Carpenter.

The Tri Star Eternal Scholarship Fund is an endowed scholarship fund which means the fund will provide yearly scholarships forever.

The idea for teaming up with Tri Star Career Compact came up when Rod and Barb were kicking around ideas after their last fundraiser.

“I’ve told people that I am not smart enough to come up with this idea,” Carpenter joked. “Barb and I don’t even think about what we’re going to do after we get done with one for probably a good month and a half or so. It was like a few days after we were finished with the last one. I just got woke up and felt led that we needed to do something for kids. It just kind of evolved from that. I was kicking it around and praying about it. It just kind of come to mind about Tri Star and we talked about it. We went out and toured it and it was like a no-brainer after that. It just evolved that way.”

Last June, as part of the fundraiser Marathon VI: Lots for Soldiers, Carpenter ran his own marathon around Grand Lake St. Marys.

The proceeds for that race went to Lots for Soldiers, a non-profit organization that builds homes for veterans, and Corey and Tasha Stoker were the beneficiaries from that race.

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