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Doug Spencer shows off a donation check for the restoration of the Grand Opera House on Wednesday afternoon during the St. Marys Rotary Club’s weekly meeting. Spencer talked about the future plans for the restoration of the Grand Opera House, as well as provided updates on donations received. The main goal of the Friends of St. Marys Theater and Grand Opera House, Inc. is to get it done by the city’s bicentennial in 2023.

Rotarians of St. Marys were given a progress update by Doug Spencer on the restoration of the Grand Opera House on Spring Street.

Spencer, the main organizer behind the Friends of the St. Mary Theater and Grand Opera House, Inc., talked about what the group plans on doing involving the restoration and how they’re going to do it. Spencer himself has worked many different projects before, and was especially inspired to work on this one.

“One day in February, the lightbulb clicked as I’m driving down Spring Street, look at the theater doors like I always do,” Spencer said as being when the idea came to him. Seeing how the theater looked and remembering the city’s upcoming bicentennial, the thoughts immediately connected in his mind. “My exact words to myself; Doug, the doors of the theater cannot be shut when St. Marys celebrates the biggest birthday bash ever in 2023.”

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