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Pastor Tim Benjamin decided to take up the stand at the St. Marys Rotary meeting on Wednesday and talked about some of his experiences in his field.

As a change of pace for the St. Marys Rotary Club, Pastor Tim Benjamin decided to take up the podium to talk a little about his history.

With the new year having started, Benjamin decided to do something different and opened up a forum so members could ask him about his life and his work as a pastor for the Wayne Street United Methodist Church. As it turns out, it took him a long while to get where he is today.

“I grew up in the metropolis of Alger, Ohio,” Benjamin joked at being the beginning of his story. “Our big claim to fame up there was in 1994, we won boys and the girls state [basketball] championship in the same year.”

Growing up in Alger, he actually grew up with the faith with his family going to the local Methodist church for about 22 years. He stated that the one pastor that had worked there for his entire life before being “promoted to glory” had been a big influence on him before he decided to become a pastor himself.

“If you know anything about Alger, the other claim to fame is Ohio Northern [University] is in the next town over, and that’s where I ended up going to college,” said Benjamin. He decided to major in religion due to some plans he’d already made. “I sort of always known that this is the course I was on. Being a pastor is something I wanted to do when I was very young.”

To read the full story, pick up a print copy of Friday's edition of The Evening Leader.

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