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Details continue to be released in the murder of Timothy Hovenac.

Three people have been charged with aggravated murder: Amanda Hovenac, 36; Anita Green, 61; and Anthony Theorodu, 33.

Affidavits point to a contentious divorce as motivation for the violence; background was provided in a federal affidavit filed on May 2.

The Hovanecs had lived in Germany for two years for Timothy’s job as a security engineering officer with the U.S. State Department; he was transferred in 2018 to South Africa. During the tour in South Africa, Amanda initiated divorce proceedings in 2020 and became familiar with Theorodu.

Timothy was in Wapakoneta April 22-24 for a court-ordered visit with his children.

The affidavit states Best Western Hotel staff contacted police after cleaning out his hotel room because Timothy never checked out.

The FBI became involved when Wapakoneta police officers discovered unattended items from Timothy’s hotel room. At the request of the Wapakoneta Police Department, officials with the Northwestern Ohio Safe Streets Task Force responded and collected a cellphone, laptop, and charging device. The FBI took possession of the items.

Timothy’s family attorney, Shannon Hiller, informed FBI agents Amanda had denied her estranged husband court-ordered visitation since about November. Judge Mark Spees had ordered visitation be given after a hearing April 22. Several contempt proceedings against Amanda were pending and continued for June.

Amanda had stated their children were dropped off at the Middle Pike residence at 7 p.m. on April 24; she told deputies Timothy was there long enough to drop off the children.

Cell phone location records confirmed Timothy was near the Middle Pike property at that time. Later agents would discover a dash cam in Timothy’s vehicle that showed what really happened. Footage showed not only the custody exchange but Timothy’s murder, according to the affidavit.

“Amanda can be heard telling the children, ‘I have a surprise for you inside,’ with the children entering,” the affidavit reads.

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