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MINSTER — Kyle Prueter, owner of Great Lakes Biomedical based out of Perrysburg, presented Thursday night at the Minster Schools Board of Education meeting.

Great Lakes Biomedical is a drug and alcohol testing company that specializes in school drug testing as Minster is considering using their services.

Great Lakes Biomedical began in 1995 and with school drug testing, their purpose isn’t to get kids into trouble, it’s about prevention and putting students on a better path.

“The program works but it can only work with the help of a community and if you incorporate it with your other programs with prevention and education,” said Prueter. “It’s not going to eradicate all drug use, but it does certainly help.”

He said that surveys have been done regarding the popularity of the drug testing program and that nationally, 80% of parents are for the type of program, and it’s 85% at the Ohio level.

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