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Calling all history lovers.

The St. Marys Community Public Library is hosting its first Local History Round Table Discussion, an event where people can talk about local history and share the past with each other.

Being hosted at the library in the Local History Room on Jan. 25, the discussion is planned to go for an hour between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The basic idea behind it is to help bring certain stories of St. Marys to life and have people discuss their own experiences in the city.

“My idea is that people will come in and just discuss local history,” said Beth Keuneke, the library’s adult services coordinator and who is organizing the event. “Maybe somebody will have a question about something and somebody can maybe answer that question or somebody wants to share a story about local history wise about a building or a person or that kind of thing.”

The idea was formed due to the city’s upcoming bicentennial coming around in 2023, with this event testing the waters on collecting stories for it. This is the first of its kind, and Keuneke is unsure how many they’ll do in the near future depending on participation in this event.

“We might do more. I just want to see how this one goes first,” stated Keuneke. Depending on how many people come, it might become a monthly event, but plans are being kept up in the air just in case. “I’m hoping that we get a lot of interest and that we can keep going with it.”

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