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Director Ann Niemeyer of the Let’s Back the Blue organization came to the St. Marys Rotary meeting on Wednesday to discuss her group’s overall goals and what they plan for the near future.

Law enforcement and anyone that works within it have been receiving flak recently stemming from different events, but organizations like Let’s Back the Blue are working to support the officers that serve in the community.

Ann Niemeyer, director of Let’s Back the Blue in Auglaize County, came to the St. Marys Rotary meeting on Wednesday to discuss the goals of her organization and what they mean to her. Niemeyer has been working hard since they started nearly two years ago.

“It was the first time I approached the chiefs in Auglaize County,” said Niemeyer when talking about how things first started for the organization. It started simply when meeting several chiefs of police at a monthly meeting they held. “I went in and I had this little piece of paper with ideas on how the community could support their law enforcement.”

The organization grew more over the next few months after the meeting and officially became the non-profit known as Let’s Back the Blue in March of 2020. While COVID disturbed many plans that would’ve premiered that year, they were able to work around it and then started moving forward.

Niemeyer and the members that have joined up over the years have done their best to show support to officers as much as they can.

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