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Midwest Shooting Center owner Samir Patel shows off his business to Congressman Jim Jordan Wednesday afternoon.

US House Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) toured Midwest Shooting Center Wednesday as part of a series of stops before giving a speech to a medical freedom group in Lima.

Jordan said he is paying attention to limits that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is trying to push. He is also on the lookout for red flag law restrictions being pushed by Democrats.

“We are very nervous about what they are trying to do — not just the First Amendment but the Second Amendment as well,” Jordan said.

The congressman visited the Cridersville business for a tour and to listen to concerns, which the owner was not shy about sharing.

Owner Samir Patel is concerned about National Fire Arms Act restrictions for short-barreled weapons aimed to curb concealing weapons used in the prohibition. Patel told Jordan that with handguns being allowed and more concealable than other weapons, those restrictions should be eased back. He said short-barreled weapons are easier to use and more manageable.

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