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Crews from Dingey Movers out of Zanesville moved the former Kattman Barbershop building from its Bremen Street location to the grounds of the New Knoxville Historical Society on Wednesday morning. Historical Society President Todd Spieles said the project has been in the works for a while since the group purchased the building from the village last year.

NEW KNOXVILLE — South Main Street in New Knoxville was temporarily blocked off Wednesday morning for a building in the middle of the street.

But the building was on wheels and being pulled by a skid loader to its new location at the New Knoxville Historical Society.

The former Kattman Barbershop, built in 1915, was purchased by the village last year and asked the historical society if they were interested in taking ownership.

They were — but with funds being tight for the small non-profit — the society wasn’t sure if they would be able to.

But a donor stepped up and told the society to do “whatever it takes.”

“This would have never happened if it wasn’t for them,” said Dr. Todd Spieles, president of the New Knoxville Historical Society.

Dingey Movers, a company based out of Zanesville, was tasked with moving the house from its Bremen Street location to the historical society’s grounds.

The building — having already been lifted onto a trailer — was moved starting at 8 a.m. Down South Main Street and then through the parking lot of Katterheinrich Chevrolet.

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