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The Lean Queens team consisting of Stephanie Watt and Erin Pfaff won 1st place in the Grand Health Challenge, which is put on yearly by Grand Lake Health System. Watt and Pfaff lost a combined 18.59% of their overall body weight since the challenge began.

The Grand Health Challenge concluded its 15th year on Tuesday, with the winners of this year’s challenge announced at St. Marys Memorial High School Auditorium.

Having started in January, the five-month challenge has reached its end, with participants having weighed themselves every month since then to see what they’ve lost. Organizers for the events spoke to the teams that showed up on Tuesday to congratulate them for their hard work.

“It’s been a journey I’m sure for a lot of you,” said Lesia Arnett, a member of the Grand Health Challenge committee. “We’re going to share a lot of thoughts and ideas tonight from those that are the winners.”

This year’s participants lost a total of 1,625 pounds, with the challenge having inspired teams since 2007 to lose 50,992.30 pounds in total. The event was made as a way to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as enforce a permanent change in someones eating and exercise habits.

“I just want to stress so much that tonight’s celebration is about you and all of your hard work,” Ashley Meyer, nurse practitioner for Auglaize-Mercer General Surgery, said to the audience. “We really appreciate you attending tonight and all of the events before now.”

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