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The St. Marys Memorial High School Alumni Foundation is holding its annual raffle once again this year, this time to the theme of the 90th anniversary of the Roughriders creation.

About 90 years ago, in the year 1931, the student body of MHS chose their mascot to be named the Roughrider over the other choices of Bearcats and Phantoms. Seeing as how the alumni foundation was planning on holding a raffle for the purpose of fundraising anyway, the figured that the theme would a fun way to get people’s attention.

Vice President Dianna Dominguez is one of the heads in charge of the event, having been involved in its revival in the past few years.

“Well, every year, for the past three years, since the Alumni Foundation has reconstituted itself,” said Dominguez about the raffle itself. While only a recent tradition, it is one nonetheless. “We’ve had a major fundraiser, and that fundraiser has been our fall raffle.”

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