Dieringer Photo

Gatekeepers advisor and mental health professional Sara Dieringer came to talk about the work the group has been doing in St. Marys Memorial High School. With the aim to help students and people who are having personal troubles in their lives, Dieringer and the rest of the Gatekeepers are hoping to make a difference.

For some people, the hardest thing that they can do is to ask for someone to help them or talk to them about something that’s bothering them. The Gatekeepers of St. Marys Memorial High School aim to offer that help.

Sara Dieringer, the MHS Gatekeepers advisor and mental health professional, talked to the St. Marys Rotary Club on Wednesday about the organization and what it stands for. Promoting mental health awareness with a focus on preventing suicide, the student-led organization is something Dieringer is proud to work with.

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