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The Grand Lake Half Marathon was being conducted in Celina on Saturday when Steve Schmidt, running for Rod Carpenter, helped run a flag over the finish line in honor of the late Detective Kelly Richards. It was done to recognize the man in memory, for his work and the family he left behind.

CELINA — The Grand Lake Half Marathon had a special scene occur when a flag was carried over the finish line to honor the life of Celina Police Department Detective Kelly Mitchell Richards, who died in 1993.

The flag was carried by a Steve Schmidt, who ran for Rod Carpenter after he had injured himself earlier in the year. After meeting Richards’ grandchildren, Connor and Willow Schwartz, he brought it with them over the finish line where it was folded by members of law enforcement and given to Richards family.

The act was done simultaneously to honor the detectives memory, but also raise money for the Tri Star Eternal Scholarships, a merit based scholarship offered to Tri Star students. The effort was also done in conjunction with the organization Flags 4 Fallen, a group dedicated to honoring fallen heroes by carrying the flag during marathon events.

“What an honor it is to be a part of this community outreach and acknowledging our fallen heroes,” said Pastor Diane Mendleson, who was asked to speak at the ceremony and conduct a prayer. “It is an honor, and Rod and Barb Carpenter, we’re always excited to partner with you and so grateful for all that you do for our community.”

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