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Brad Hartman’s family is hosting a fundraiser in St. Marys in order to pay for medical bills after he contracted COVID in February, which exacerbated a hereditary condition known as IPF. The fundraiser will be held at the USW Local Union Hall on East South Street on Oct. 16.

A Lima man by the name of Brad Hartman is having a fundraiser raised to pay for his medical bills after a hereditary condition was exacerbated after catching COVID.

Having contracted COVID sometime in February, Brad has been facing many different challenges to his health in the last few months. While he didn’t get too many symptoms from the disease itself, problems started much later after some peculiar things started happening, raising quite a few eyebrows.

“He didn’t have too many symptoms from COVID, probably had run of the mill symptoms,” Paul Hartman, his brother, said about the inciting incident. “He ended getting pneumonia twice from it though and was in the hospital and put on oxygen in April.”

The fact that Brad had gotten pneumonia twice alarmed doctors, especially as his breathing later started to become restricted. It was found out, after taking several visits to St. Rita’s Medical Center, that Brad apparently gained the hereditary disease known as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, otherwise known as IPF.

IPF is a rare illness that is characterized by the stiffening of lung tissue, resulting in declining lung function within those affected. Paul believes that Brad must’ve gotten it from their mother, who died of the disease in 2018. The doctor’s believe that catching COVID forced the disease to the forefront despite Brad not having shown too many outward symptoms.

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