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Laura Yelton and Jeff Schnippel danced their way to first place with a foxtrot to “Never Enough” in last years’ Dancing with the Big Stars event.

M.A.V. Youth Mentoring is holding its yearly Dancing with the Big Stars event on Nov. 6, with Executive Director Kate Wagner calling it something to look forward too.

Very similar to the show “Dancing with the Stars,” local members of the community have been recruited in order to dance with experienced dancers in order to raise money for the organization. Scheduled to appear at the Overdrive at 3769 state Route 127, the partners will dance twice with their own individual performances.

“We pair the community member and the pro dancer together around July,” Wagner said, explaining how they run the event. “So they have from July to November to practice and prepare for this dance. Also during that time, they are fundraising for us also.”

Being one of the organizations most popular and successful fundraisers, it is something they do their best to plan in advance. Most tickets are sold out fairly quickly due to the event’s popularity, so it’s best to get some soon before they’re gone.

“And then we have three judges who give out two different awards,” Wagner stated. The judges are going to be Jen Thompson, Eric Wellman and Jane Diller according to the M.A.V. website. “One is the Judges Choice Award, and that goes to the dance that the judges name the best dance of the night. We also give the Biggest Star Award, and that goes to the couple who raises the most funds by the end of the evening.”

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