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The city’s newest ambulance, a 2022 F-550 with a Horton Squad-Box, was parked near the village office on Monday night as members of council got to take a look at it and Chief Doug Ayers was present to answer any questions regarding it. City Safety and Service Director Greg Foxhoven said that it took 13 months for the city to take ownership of the vehicle and it was paid for with funds through the city’s Voted Tax Fund and the General Fund.

ST. MARYS — With the St. Marys SummerFest moving across the street to the Skip Baughman Complex this year, city councilors Monday passed an ordinance that allows the SummerFest committee to sell alcohol.

City Safety and Service Director Greg Foxhoven said that the current legislation only refers to Memorial Park, where the event has been held previously.

The ordinance sets up new boundaries for the event: to the west is Front Street, to the north is South Street, to the east is the St. Marys River and to the south is the railroad tracks.

Foxhoven mentioned that the process took longer than originally intended due to designing the layout of the festival and other housekeeping items.

“We don’t want to have to put infrastructure in the ground twice,” Foxhoven added.

The ordinance was passed by emergency as it takes 30 days to go into effect.

Foxhoven said St. Marys Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Angie Tangeman has until May to submit the paperwork to the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

Also Monday, Water and Sewer Department Superintendent Jeff Thompson spoke to council about the need for the city to contract with Pohlkat Inc. regarding sludge removal.

Thompson said that through the water plant improvement project, the city will be demolishing one of the digesters, which he said is currently full of sludge.

“Come fall and winter, the other digester is going to be out of commission,” said Thompson. “We want to empty all our tanks, the two digesters and the interchange tanks.”

Because city crews will need the other two interchange tanks to hold the sludge, Thompson said there will be more than 500,000 gallons of sludge that they will need to have land applied.

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