Catfishing Photo

Darren Crim casts a line in the final minutes of the championship catfish tournament at Grand Lake St. Marys as he hopes for a bite in rainy conditions.

If you could catch catfish in the rain you probably did well at the local catfish championship fishing tournament held Saturday on Grand Lake St. Marys.

Six events were held prior to the championship. In order to qualify for the final tournament, you had to fish three events and weigh in or place in the top three at an event.

Tournament organizers believed it would take 39 pounds of catfish to win the day; if it were earlier in the season, that number would likely be higher.

“I think it’ll be under 40 pounds that wins it,” Travis Doseck, one of the organizers,” said. “Earlier in the season it’s a lot higher; this season it’s the low end — 39 pounds will probably win it, if somebody gets that lucky.”

Doseck was only a few pounds off the winning weigh-in, even though rain further complicated the fishing competition.

He said participants caught fewer fish because of the temperature change in the water.

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