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The Wayne Street United Methodist Church is now hosting a blessing box for people who need food, hygienic products or similar items, but would prefer to get them anonymously. Ellen Hunter and Becky Macwhinney visited the St. Marys Rotary Club in order to speak more on the subject.

Members of the Wayne Street United Methodist Church are holding a new program at its building.

Ellen Hunter and Becky Macwhinney paid a visit to the St. Marys Rotary Club on Wednesday to explain its significance.

Wayne Street UMC is now officially running a Blessing Box, a place where people who need supplies such as food, hygienic products and similar supplies can pick them up anonymously. Located on High Street at the UMC’s parking lot, the idea was generated at a bible study while people were talking about a similar idea being done in other areas.

“It was basically stated, ‘Hey, maybe we should do something like this around our community,’” Hunter said about the idea’s origin. “We have talked about in our Bible study as well that there are several homeless families in St. Marys.”

The intention behind the Bible study’s idea was to provide an alternate source of relief for people when other places to help them won’t work or if they want a way to do so anonymously. It can provide a good service for those that need it, especially if they need to turn their life around.

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