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A bike-riding event is being held from July 30 to Aug. 1 in order to raise money for pro-life women’s centers located in Warren, Butler and Auglaize counties.

Known as Ernie’s Ride, the event is a challenging ride where participants ride across Ohio from the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati to the Edgewater Park Beach in Cleveland in three days. Run by Doug Shope, the founder of the event, the goal is relatively simple despite the amount of effort it would take to complete the ride.

“The purpose of this ride is to raise prayers, awareness, and monetary support for three women’s centers in our areas,” Shope explained as being the basics of the event. “We do this by taking pledges on a per-mile basis. Sponsors, then, submit their donations directly to the women’s centers after the ride, based on how many miles their rider was able to complete.”

The origins of this event actually lie with Shope himself, with the concept being conceived around 2013-2014. He wanted to challenge himself by trying to ride the Ohio-to-Erie Trail over a weekend, though he figured it might as well do it for a good reason.

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