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A benefit is being held at the Family Tradition Tavern on June 25, with the aim being to help Tim Smith, pictured above. The event was organized by his family in order to raise money for his treatments involving Crohn’s disease and lung cancer.

The Family Tradition Tavern is holding a benefit on June 25, with the intention of helping out local man Tim Smith with his battle with Crohn’s disease and lung cancer.

Having received an official diagnosis for Crohn’s disease around three years ago and another diagnosis involving lung cancer not even a month ago, its been a rough couple of years for Smith according to his family. According to his daughter, Sarah, both have taken a major toll on his health in recent years.

“He’s lost a lot of weight since then. We’re currently trying to build up his strength so he can get through the chemo-radiation,” said Sarah about his condition. “They’ve only been going off my mom’s income for the last two years, so they need all the help they can get with all the medical bills that are coming in.”

Sarah states that the family is hosting this benefit to alleviate these costs for Tim and his wife, Michelle, who has taken care of him on top of working to pay off the bills. He currently resides in OSU in Columbus, and is fighting to live according to his family.

“I can’t lose him because of my kids,” stated Sarah about her father. She said she wants to do what she can to help with the stress this has brought  on her parents. “He loves both of his grandkids so much. He would do anything for anybody. It’s just the type of person he is.”

Josh Coffey, Rich Goodwin and Mike Bell were credited as being the main organizers of the event while the idea was being thrown around by the family. They contacted Sarah in order to get things started.

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