The St. Marys Rotary Club had one of their own members speak this weeks instead of a guest, this time focusing gardening and how to take care of our homes ecosystem.

Mike Lee, president elect of the Rotary Club, took the stage April 7 to provide some friendly advice to those wanting to keep their home gardens thriving and their lawns healthy for the coming spring and summer. His focus was mainly inspired due to the meeting the week before focused so much on the periodical cicadas.

“It was a great talk, but it was mainly focused on insects,” Lee said at the beginning of his talk on the subject. “We needed questions answered on gardening, so I volunteered myself.”

He talked about how there are a ton of different ways to find certain people who can answer questions on certain things dealing with nature. Bulletins are regularly sent out as well, sending out emails once in a while, so that people are constantly informed. How to take care of their gardens is a common topic.

Lee expanded on this by reading out certain questions as examples. Many of these which came from the people in St. Marys themselves.

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