Due to high temperatures and a lack of flow in Grand Lake St. Marys, which flows into the Miami and Erie Canal, hundreds of fish have died this week in the canal that runs through St. Marys.

Decaying and dying algae had developed scum in the canal and around the shores of Grand Lake, especially apparent in Bulkhead, which is a canal feeder.

The storm that went through the area Wednesday afternoon did break up a lot of the scum.

“The dissolved oxygen gets low enough they just can’t survive that,” said Theresa Dirksen, the agriculture and natural resources director for Mercer County.

A similar problem happened last July when water in Grand Lake went anaerobic due to the high temperatures and many fish died as a result.

St. Marys Mayor Patrick McGowan said Tuesday he noticed a significant amount of fish schooled up in the canal by the boat in Memorial Park.

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