New Bremen Smiles

Dr. Geoffrey Froning D.D.S with his Solea 3.0 laser, a technology that his new office, New Bremen Smiles, utilizes for patient visits. The laser helps provide many benefits for patients as opposed to traditional dental care.

There’s a new business in town that’s dedicated to patient-first service.

New Bremen Smiles, owned and run by Celina graduate Dr. Geoffrey Froning D.D.S., has recently opened up a new office at 101 S. Washington St. in New Bremen.

The office utilizes new dentistry technology that makes it a better experience overall for patients with one of the features being a Solea tissue laser.

The laser can be used for many treatments with the way dentists can perform fillings being perhaps the biggest and most innovative.

“It’s the newest technology there is,” said Froning. “To do fillings where you’re basically being able to cut through teeth to get the cavities out; being able to go through the gum tissue and cut that away.”

The laser lets fillings be done with either minimal numbing or no numbing at all.

“Nobody really likes getting numbed,” said Froning. “This way, you walk in, sit down in the chair, we use the laser and get all the bad stuff out and fill it up. You’re not numb so you know for sure whether that tooth feels normal or not. The chance of coming back in and having to get it adjusted is not there; the sensation of the numbness is not there. It’s a lot less time and a lot less annoyance of getting the numbing and feeling the numbness and possibly having to come back and get it adjusted.”

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