Wild Wednesday

ST. MARYS — Local students had a hands-on look at science as part of a group's annual visit to their school.

Students at St. Marys Primary School received a visit from COSI on Wheels on Wednesday, where they learned about wildlife.

"We talked about habitats — there are four different ones you have in Ohio," COSI Outreach Educator Jordan Rader said. "We also talked about wildlife biologists and the different things they do."

Rader also had the students — and even an administrator — participate in a few reenactments while sitting in the cafeteria on Wednesday.

"We reenacted a wildlife rescue with a student acting like a duck that was injured," Rader said. "We also looked at population control of fish, and the students pretended to be fish."

Another topic included the help of St. Marys Primary School Principal Sue Sherman.

"We looked at the bagging and tracking of animals," Rader said. "Their principal pretended to be a bear, and we tracked her throughout the cafeteria."

Following their presentation in the cafeteria, the students were separated by grade level and visited the gymnasium, where Rader had set up stations.

"Here they can do hands-on activities," Rader said. "We have 10 different stations with different activities for them to look at and do different things."

The first group to visit the hands-on stations was the first-grade class.

"I learned about wild animals," said Halle Huston, 6.

Halle, a student in Mrs. Triplett's class, noted something she learned about animals.

"Where they live," she said. "Some of them live in the woods."

Brendon Caudill, a student in Mrs. Braun's class, said he learned about bugs.

"We talked about beetles, and we learned some bugs are black and some bugs are green," he said.

His classmate, Jaicob Long, said he learned about deer and bugs.

"In the winter, a deer's antlers fall off," Jaicob said.

Jamal Kessler, also a student in Mrs. Braun's class, noted he enjoyed a station with microscopes.

"This one," he said. "You have to look at the bugs."

Rader noted the wildlife activity is one of the six options for COSI on Wheels.

"They can decide what they'd like or they can decide on a specific date and they get what's scheduled for that date," he said of a school district's options.

The wildlife program, he said, helps the students become more familiar with their surroundings.

"It focuses on Ohio wildlife and includes things they will see on an everyday basis, so it helps them learn about the area in which they live," Rader said.