Volunteers Sought For Improvement Day

ST. MARYS — Organizers of a local park improvement day are looking for volunteers to help add manpower to their roster.

The St. Marys National Little League will be hosting a park improvement day at K.C. Geiger Park at 9 a.m. April 6. The goal of the project is to help spruce up K.C. Geiger Park for the upcoming season.

“We are asking for help from the community on this,” said Brian Engle, an organizer of the event. “Everyone has worked together.”

The list of projects ranges from new safety skirting on the fences to improved netting around the diamonds.

“We want to clean up the park — redo the ball diamonds,” Engle said. “We just want to make the park better for the kids.”

The improvements also would go a long way regarding the image of K.C. Geiger Park. Engle said the park is set to host a tournament this year that could bring up to 50 teams into the city.

“That’s going to bring people into your motels and restaurants,” Engle said. “It’s going to be good for the community ... Everyone uses that park so this is just going to be 100 percent volunteers. We need the labor, we’ve come up with the money, we just need help to clean up the park and work on the diamonds.”

If successful, the event could become an annual outing.

“It’s going to take a lot of people to do this,” Engle said. “Everyone benefits from that park. We use it for baseball, football, and soccer — there’s so much that goes on out there.”

Engle said he would like to get 100 volunteers for the event. Those interested in helping out can contact Engle at 419-305-6552 or Jon Plattner at 419-234-1340. The rain date for the event is April 13.