Village Eyes Pool Rates

MINSTER — Minster Village Councilors reviewed new rates for activities conducted at the community swimming pool during their meeting Monday night.

The committee convened on the ordinance of reviewing the current rates charged at the swimming pool, which have been in effect since 2002. Village Administrator Don Harrod said last week the park committee met and reviewed the current rates and looked at what other communities were charging for the use of their pools. After discussion, the park committee recommended the pool rates be adjusted.

During the park committee meeting, there was discussion of changing the family pass rates and the Kinder camp prices.

“The current rates we have for a family pass is $75 and the proposed rates we came up with would be $80,” Harrod said. “For a single pass we will keep it the same at $50 and for the Kinder camp we now charge $45, but the proposed rate is $75 for the first student and $50 for the others. “

Harrod said increasing the family rate pass will still keep the rates lower than what other communities are charging. The village will start selling passes in May.

Village Councilor Steve Kitzmiller added on to the authorization of the proposed action for the swimming pool rates. Harrod said in order to raise the rates, councilors would have to take action.

Harrod also referenced the board reflecting on an e-commerce proposal.

“There is an option of posting the utility bills online and accepting payments from the community members,” he said.

“The proposal covers payment options not only for the utility bills, but could be utilized for other village related fees. There will not be any real cost savings besides the printing and postage of sending the bills through the mail, but there are other costs that we will have to consider if we want to further this proposal.”

In future discussions about the e-commerce proposal, Harrod noted officials will need to decide if people will be willing to pay the price for the convenience of paying bills online or if it is worth too much.

Councilors also accepted the resignation of Carl Wuebker, who is planning to resign on May 6. Wuebker had more than 40 years of service with the village as the Public Works Department Superintendent.

Lastly, Harrod spoke on the Minster Local School District’s request to install additional playground equipment at the Seventh Street community park. Superintendent Brenda Boeke is requesting council’s approval to allow the school to erect playground equipment at the Seventh Street community park.

“The school is currently raising funds to purchase playground equipment and would like to place the equipment to the west of the middle school where the old volleyball courts were located,” Harrod said. “As per the lease agreement, the board of education assumes all obligations to operate and maintain such land in a manner that will continue to meet all requirements of ODNR and the Department of Interior.”

He noted the agreement goes on and notes that any proposed change in the present use of any part of the “protected” area must be done in a manner that meets the requirements of ODNR and the Department of the Interior.

Harrod said based upon  past conversations with ODNR and the Department of the Interior, he believes the additional playground equipment would meet the conditions. Village councilors granted the permission to school and the playground equipment will approximately go where the old volleyball courts were located.

The next regular meeting of the Minster Village Council is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 3.