Utility Bill Direct Payment Option

Staff Writer

Did you know that your monthly City of St. Marys Utility bill can be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the fifth of each month?
Hundreds of customers are taking advantage of this option; however, hundreds more could. The Direct Payment option gives you the convenience of paying your utility bill without having to write a check or having to come to the utility office to pay. This payment option allows for the amount of your utility bill to be electronically withdrawn from your bank account each month and forwarded to the city of St. Marys. A copy of your bill is mailed to you before the bank deducts the payment from your account. To enroll in this plan, click the link below that takes you to the city’s Utility Office web site and the online Direct Payment Authorization form to print and complete or come in and speak to one of our Utility Clerks who can assist you.