TSC Opens Doors

ST. MARYS — The newest addition to the city of St. Marys’ business portfolio recently opened its doors to area shoppers.

A steady stream of shoppers filled the parking lot in front of Tractor Supply Company on Friday and Saturday. The store, located in the former Chief’s building in St. Marys Square, boasts a wide selection of agricultural, outdoors and livestock supplies.

“We’ve been getting a very warm welcome from the city of St. Marys,” store manager Jim Post told The Evening Leader. “We opened a little earlier than anticipated, our grand opening will be Nov. 10-12. We are really happy to be here and we have just received a fantastic welcoming from the community.”

The 30,140 square foot store includes a sales floor with several displays. There also is a fenced-in exterior space that offers a display area for items such as fencing, sprayers and livestock equipment.

“It looks nothing like the old grocery store,” Post said. “The bakery is gone. Shoppers seem to be astonished by the huge clothing, pet food and livestock departments we have. All of our ag products that we have, just the variety of stuff that we have they didn’t think we carried.”

Post said TSC is known for its livestock selection and pet food items.

During fall and winter, the company stocks a variety of heaters and supplies.

“We also have a huge hardware business that is overlooked a lot because people don’t realize all the hardware and tools that we sell.”

Post said months of hard work went into configuring the store so that it could house TSC. In addition to extensive remodeling, the business hired 14 full and part-time employees to help operate the store.

“It feels fantastic because I’ve actually been working on this project for about 11 months,” Post said. “The whole team has put in a great effort seven days a week for the past four weeks to give us a chance to open a little early because everyone was so excited to get it open. To see that come full circle is exciting for everybody.”

Post said the addition of TSC to St. Marys should help attract shoppers from across the region.

“Because it is such a good location, you don’t have to drive to Lima anymore,” Post said. “With Kroger and JC Penney and Kmart, TSC is helping to complete the shopping experience for St. Marys. St. Marys is becoming a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need without driving to Lima or Troy or Bellefontaine.”