Trick-Or-Treaters Hit The Streets

NEW BREMEN — The cool, low 40-degree weather did not impair area children from dressing up and taking to the streets Tuesday night, as sidewalks flooded with trick-or-treaters.

Witches, ghosts and an assortment of animals joined together for an hour and a half journey to find the best candy in the neighborhood. Jonny Heitkamp, who dressed as a biker ninja, enjoyed his night.

“It’s been really good,” Jonny said.

Amidst the bag full of candy he had obtained, Jonny picked one item as the best of the night.

“Pretzels,” he said of the best treat he had received.

Aubrey Madison, who dressed as a clown, was hoping to receive a different kind of treat.

“Kit Kats,” Aubrey said of the candy she would like to have the most of.

Aubrey’s sister Ashlyn Madison, who dressed as Pinkalicious, was also hoping to receive chocolate.

“Three Musketeers,” Ashlyn said.

Although candy is what most trick-or-treaters sought, dressing up was also a highlight for area children. Princesses were the most popular costume of the night. Alyssa Madison dressed as Rapunzel and said she wanted to be her after seeing the Disney movie. Brooke Dicke’s costume was also inspired by a movie.

“We watched the ‘Smurfs’ movie a little before Halloween,” Brooke said of why she chose to dress as a smurf.

Alayna Stachler was a rainbow princess and enjoyed walking door-to-door with her sisters. Cassie Stachler dressed as a doctor.

“It sounded really cool,” Cassie said of why she chose to be a doctor.

Kyla Stachler dressed as a popular television character.

“I’m Spongebob,” Kyla said. “I was going to be a vampire but we couldn’t find it so I picked Spongebob.”

Jack Wilson dressed as an Army man, and said he chose the costume because he wants to be in the Army someday. Jack’s younger sister, June, dressed as a jaguar. Bridget Wilson also dressed as an animal.

“I’m a chicken,” Bridget said of her costume, noting that she and her mother made the costume.

Adam Schmitmeyer was also creative when putting together his costume.

“My parents wanted me to be a vampire but I wanted to carry a sythe,” Adam said of his grim vampire costume.

Hailee Phlipot dressed as a Halloween staple.

“I’m a witch,” Hailee said.

One particular part of the costume attracted Hailee to dressing as a witch.

“The hat,” she said.