Tractor Supply To Occupy Storefront

ST. MARYS — One of the newest residents in the city of St. Marys will soon occupy a 30,000 square foot home.

Last week, a sign in front of the St. Marys Square announced the impending opening of a Tractor Supply Company store. The newest addition to the plaza will inhabit the 30,000 square foot opening left when Chief closed several years ago.

“We’ve probably been working with the company for a year now,” Midland Atlantic Acquisitions Manager Chris Palmero told The Evening Leader. “That’s not out of the ordinary when a company is evaluating a site and the amount of money they are committing. It can take well beyond a year.”

News of TSC’s arrival should help spur additional growth in the center. Beer Barrel also announced plans to locate in the center and is in the process of building a facility near McDonald’s.

“I think they will fit in well in the St. Marys market,” Palmero said.

“I see it as a regional draw and they would fit in well with the existing tenants.”

Traffic at the center, anchored by J.C. Penney and Kmart, also should increase.

“It will be unbelievable for the center and the traffic that will be driving through there will increase significantly,” Palmero said. “That will help all the other tenants and should continue to improve the leasing opportunities and bring in new tenants to the shopping center.”

TSC’s addition means there are currently four openings at the center. Palmero said he has received inquiries about the openings since news of the TSC and Beer Barrel projects broke.

St. Marys Development Manager Todd Fleagle touted the addition.

“Discussion has been going on for quite some while, and it’s nice to get a long-term tenant,” Fleagle told The Evening Leader. “It takes a lot of leg work by the owners and developers of the property, and we are excited to see them come.”