Teacher Excited To Join Minster

MINSTER — Sarah Ambos, of Anna, joins Minster school staff as a kindergarten teacher this year after teaching all day kindergarten for two years in Greenville.

“Minster has a great reputation,” Ambos said. “I knew a lot about the school. I knew they had hardworking teachers. It’s also closer to home.”

The Wright State University graduate has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a master’s degree to teach reading, something she said she cares deeply about.

“I love teaching reading, that’s my favorite,” Ambos said. “I’ve also had a lot of experience with that.”

Ambos said in her curriculum she likes to teach reading while incorporating a love of science with experiments.

“I do a lot of hands on activities because I think those little kids learn through doing things,” she said.

“I also try to connect it to something they already know.”

Ambos said teaching younger children is especially rewarding.

“They get so excited about learning,” Ambos said.

“I always enjoyed working with kids.”

Ambos said she was inspired by one teacher who worked in Anna and made a real impact on the students in class.

“I wanted to have that effect on future generations,” she said.

One thing Ambos said she wouldn’t have expected was all the changes in education now taking place.

“It’s kind of good that I started when all changes were taking place,” Ambos said.

“I don’t know what effect that will have; I’m still new to the teaching world.”

So far this year, Ambos said she’s having a great time in the classroom.

“You see that light bulb go off above their head. It makes it really rewarding,” she said.