Tax Revenue Continues To Climb

ST. MARYS — The city of St. Marys continues to eclipse last year’s income tax revenue as it heads into the fourth quarter of the year.

Through September, the city has collected $3.3 million in income taxes — up from the $3 million it collected during the same time period last year. In 2010 and 2011, the city collected $2.9 million and $2.8 million respectively.

As the fourth quarter begins, city officials are expected to keep an eye on revenues as they put the final touches on the 2014 budget. An initial 2014 budget was presented to members of the finance committee and full city council during the summer.

“The department heads submitted their budgets earlier in the summer and they were given those back and were told to review them and make any necessary changes,” St. Marys Safety-Service Director Greg Foxhoven said. “Once that’s done, if there are significant changes, we will meet with them to discuss those. Sometimes there are large pieces of equipment or vehicles that don’t the life out of them that we want them to.”

Revenue reports are reviewed on a weekly basis by administrators. Foxhoven said officials keep a close eye on all funds, including the utility accounts and General Fund, to make sure balances remain healthy.

“These accounts are checked and audited regularly,” Foxhoven said. “The auditor and his staff, the mayor and I, we are all engaged in daily conversations to make sure we keep a close eye on these accounts.”

Foxhoven said department heads are scheduled to have any revisions to their budget to him by Nov. 1. Then, Foxhoven and Mayor Pat McGowan will review any changes before presenting the budget to members of the finance committee in mid to late-November. The measure will then be forwarded to members of city council.