Students Model Outfits

ST. MARYS — Even with New York Fashion Week wrapping up last Friday, local eighth-grade girls were treated to their own runway show Monday morning.

As part of the “Modest is Hottest” fashion show, seven eighth-grade girls modeled two outfits for their peers to showcase outfits that are school appropriate and also appropriate for the students’ upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. — including appropriate dresses to wear during the D.C. dance.

“This fashion show was to show the girls they can get something out of their closet or from the consignment shop, they don’t have to buy something new,” St. Marys Middle School Guidance Counselor Rebecca Moore said.

Amanda Alexander, Hanna Felver, Grace Garrison, Aubrey Lambdin, Madison Jaros, Rayonna Sherman and Traeva Newland modeled outfits they purchased at Replay Consignment Shop, which is located at 325 E. Spring St., with Rayonna’s dress being purchased from Deb — with the entire outfit costing $40 or less — as well as another outfit they put together from their own closets.

After the show, St. Marys Middle School Principal Mary Miller noted all the outfits met the school’s dress code and also showed a different variety for different girls.

“What about borrowing from a friend,” Miller suggested for outfit-hunting. “Sometimes when I have to do something really dressy and I don’t want to buy a dress that I’m only going to wear one time — lots of girls have gone to D.C. or have gone to different dances and things — so a lot of people you know may have a dress you could borrow.”

Miller stressed she didn’t want the students to go out and spend a lot of money on a dress for the one event.

“However, I also realize that we’re girls and oftentimes we just want new clothes, so if you want to buy something new, I think there were good examples up here that I think you can wear,” she said.

Miller also encouraged the students to ask her beforehand if they have questions about their dress being appropriate — she reminded them to not wear strapless dresses without something over it, or skinny-strapped dresses.

“I came up with the idea because I met Danielle Doty, who was the 2011 Miss Teen USA when I went down to Girl Talk this summer in Atlanta, and this was one of the things she did,” Moore said. “I think when you do a fashion show for girls, it helps them understand their body type and what looks good and what’s appropriate. And they enjoyed doing it.”

She also thanked Rachelle Breland, the owner of Replay Consignment Shop, for her help.

“I can’t thank Rachelle enough,” Moore said. “I called her up and said, ‘Hey, I’d like to do this Modest is Hottest fashion show, would you be interested.’ And she was so nice, and she was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ So she came in on her day off, and the girls got to go in and tried on all kinds of dresses, and she was very helpful, just super nice. I recommend that store to anybody because she was just so fabulous.”

Madison said she liked that the show focused on not spending a lot of money.

“Because it shows girls you don’t have to buy a brand-new dress, you can get something from a consignment shop or just find something in your closet,” Madison said, noting her own outfit. “I just found this in my closet.”

Hanna said she liked picking out the outfits the best.

“I liked trying on dresses and spending time with some of my friends,” she said.

Grace said she liked being up on stage.

“I think it was really fun because I’ve never been up on stage before, so this was kind of a first for me, so I though it was really fun,” she said.

Rayonna said she enjoyed the whole event.

“I think this was a good experience,” she said. “It was fun.”