Street Program Unveiled

ST. MARYS — Members of a city committee got a sneak peek at the 2012 street program for St. Marys.

Interim Safety-Service Director Craig Moeller unveiled the tentative 2012 street program for the city. The project, with an estimated cost of $577,100, focuses on the reconstruction of 1,800 feet of Shipman Road.

“We’ll be picking up where we left off a few years ago and ending it at the school property line,” Moeller said. “The reason we’d like to get this done this year is there have been talks about the new facilities out there, as far as the new football stadium. They’ve already started installing some parking lots out there, utilizing  that section of road. It’s very narrow out through there. The sooner we improve that, the less conflicts we’d have with construction of the new stadium if it does happen out there.”

That project would cost approximately $402,600.  Moeller said school officials are pushing for the project.

“They expected it to be done in 2012,” Moeller said. “I had contact with them the latter part of last year. There was talk last year that Tom (Hitchcock) was talking about not doing a street program. I know he let Kurt (Kuffner) know that and he was very concerned about Shipman Road not getting done.”

Moeller said the district would be responsible for some of the curbing. He estimated the bill could be $20,000 to $30,000 for 900 feet of the project.

As part of the Community Development Block Grant, Moeller said he hopes to resurface South Vine Street from Weston to Canal streets. As part of the city’s street program, the same portion would be earmarked for reconstruction. That reconstruction project has an estimated cost of $54,900.

Another component of the program is the resurfacing of 2,200 feet of McKinley Road east of the railroad tracks. That project is expected to cost $81,000.

“That was reconstructed in 1998 and has had all that truck traffic,” Moeller said.

“It has really held up well. You can tell there is some deterioration in the asphalt, so it would be good to go on and get that resurfaced.”

The project could get moved depending upon the status of a county project to resurface County Road 33A. Moeller said if the grant comes through, the city would be responsible for 20 percent of the cost for any portion within the city limits.

“I was shuffling between McKinley Road and doing that until he called me back and said it probably won’t happen until 2013,” Moeller said of County Engineer Doug Reinhart.

“If he can get the money in 2012, he wants to do this so I will be able to partner with him to get our section. We really don’t have a choice because if we don’t do it, then his project doesn’t happen and we don’t want to do that to the county because he’s got this grant money knocking on his back door.”

Moeller said the McKinley Road project could wait a year if the County Road 33A project comes to fruition this year. If the McKinley Road project goes through and the county calls regarding the County Road 33A project, Moeller said additional money may have to be appropriated for the street program.

“I feel we have sufficient funds to do that,” Moeller said. “We definitely have some play in there to be able to do that.”

Moeller said letters will be sent out to property owners regarding the project. He encouraged the 30 to 40 property owners impacted by the project to contact him with any concerns.