St. Marys Native To Explore The Paranormal in His Hometown

Staff Writer

Ever wonder what goes bump in the night or why the shadows move in the corner when you’re not looking? Ben Axe and his wife Dena want to find out too.

A St. Marys native, Ben grew up in a home where the unexplained would happen and decided to use his podcast, Paranormal Axetivities, to explore the paranormal in his hometown. 

“I grew up here, lived here for 20 something years,” he said. “I've experienced all kinds of paranormal stuff in my house growing up on Spruce Street and then in other locations around town too.”

In addition to searching for spirits, Axe said he wants to explore the urban legends that are plentiful in a town as old as St. Marys. He noted Bloody Bridge is definitely on the list of places to go and Grand Lake St. Marys will also get a visit or two while the now-Dayton resident is in town.

To help get as much information about St. Marys’ paranormal as possible, Axe posted on Facebook pages around town looking for peoples’ stories and experiences. 

The response was huge.

At the time of publication, the post has 152 comments from residents sharing their tales.

Axe said he’s been flooded with pictures, stories and even video of some of the strange happenings in peoples’ homes. Now it is just a matter of tracking it all down and doing a little digging on the history of these locations and their ghosts.

Along the way Dena will be lending a hand to her husband, travelling with him to do podcasts from each site and also lending her own experiences to the show. A shared experience the couple had served as the deciding factor in starting Paranormal Axetivities. 

While weighing the pros and cons of starting the podcast, the Axes had just finished a game of Monopoly when their kitchen sink turned itself on, as if spirits around them were saying “here’s the sign you’ve been looking for.”

Throughout the summer, Axe and his wife will be making trips up to the area to record episodes of Paranormal Axetivities which are available every Monday. The podcasts can be found everywhere from Spotify and Apple Music to iHeartRadio and on the website Those with stories to tell Axe or have ideas for episodes can reach out to him by emailing