St. Marys To Host Findlay in Football Scrimmage

Staff Writer

Details of the upcoming 2019 football season are slowly beginning to unfold.

Meeting minutes were released from the St. Marys Roughriders Football Parents Inc. on Thursday stating some details the upcoming season.

St. Marys head coach Doug Frye indicated that 108 boys are signed up for the 2019 season for ninth through 12th grade, but a change to schedules in the past is the Roughriders' first scrimmage of the summer.

Typically, the Roughriders will travel to Donnell Stadium in Findlay to scrimmage with the Trojans, but that will change this year when the Findlay program comes to the Roughrider Athletic Complex.

All staff will also remain the same.

In other highlights from Wednesday's meeting:

• Weightlifting is in full swing, with the first meeting — considered a lift-a-thon set for Jan. 26.

• Football camp for first grade and up is scheduled for July 8-10. Cost is $10 per child and the camp will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.