St. Marys boys CC win Auglaize Co. opener

The St. Marys boys cross country team captured a season-opening victory in a quad meet at K.C. Geiger Park on Tuesday, paced by meet winner Alex Mielke. The Wapakoneta girls capture the Auglaize County event, while New Knoxville’s girls team turned in the top two times of the race.

The Roughrider boys finished first with 30 points, edging out second-place New Bremen (34 points). Wapakoneta took third (86) and New Knoxville was fourth (92).

Mielke won the race with a 17:50 time for the Roughriders.

Girls Meet

The Wapakoneta girls team won with 28 points, St. Marys took second (47 ) and New Bremen was third (56 points).

Despite not competing as a team in the girls event, the New Knoxville Rangers made their presence felt at the meet by turning in the top two times in the girls meet and a top three time in the boys meet.

New Knoxville’s Cassie Boyle won the girls race with a 21:39 time.

Right behind Boyle in second place was the Rangers’ Clara Shroyer with a 21:47 time.

Hannah Tobin paced St. Marys girls runners in third place with a 22:53 time.

Veronica Hirschfeld was the first New Bremen girl to cross the finish line with a 23:09 time.

Boys Meet

Mielke led the way for the Roughriders, winning with a 17:50 time.

New Bremen’s Derek Bornhorst finished second with a 17:51 time.

New Knoxville’s Isaac Kuntz took third in the boys race with an 18:03 time.

St. Marys’ Nick Durkee took fourth with an 18:50 time, and New Bremen’s Brent Bertke rounded out the top five with a 18:58 time.

Top 15 Girls Finishers
1. Cassie Boyle, New Knoxville, 21:30; 2. Clara Shroyer, New Knoxville, 21:47; 3. Hannah Tobin, St. Marys, 22:53; 4. Veronica Hirschfeld, New Bremen, 23:09; 5. Summer Griner, Wapakoneta, 23:15; 6. Sara Brown, Wapakoneta, 23:35; 7. Jessica Plaugher, Wapakoneta, 23:49; 8. Marissa Schrolucke, St. Marys, 23:54; 9. Jenna Sawmiller, Wapakoneta, 23:58; 10. Ashley Berning, New Bremen, 24:03; 11. Megan Watt, Wapakoneta; 12. Courtney Mosgrove, Wapakoneta; 13. Sarah Wilker, St. Marys, 24:07; 14. Jill Rhoades, New Bremen, 24:26; 15. Natalie Boyle, New Knoxville, 24:27.

Top 15 Boys Finishers
1. Alex Mielke, St. Marys, 17:50; 2. Derek Bornhorst, New Bremen, 17:51; 3. Isaac Kuntz, New Knoxville, 18:04; 4. Nick Durkee, St. Marys, 18;50; 5. Brent Bertke, New Bremen, 18:58; 6. Ryan Tousley, St. Marys, 19:39; 7. Kyle Oswalt, St. Marys, 19:39; 8. Drew McClurg, New Bremen, 19:45; 9. Eric Smart, New Bremen, 19:53; 10. Jared Kremer, 19:59; 11. Jacob Rutschilling, New Bremen, 20:00; 12. Jon Meier, St. Marys, 20:02; 13. Nate Valentine, Wapakoneta, 10:14; 14. Evan Zircher, New Bremen, 20:20; 15. Cameron Beckett, New Knoxville, 20:23.