Speaker Stresses Decisions

MINSTER — The consequences of negative behaviors is darkness,  a motivational speaker told a group of Minster students on Tuesday.

Eric Lorenz, from Three Screens USA out of Chicago, gave a talk to high school students and encouraged them to promote a positive school culture. After repeated negative choices, “life starts to get dark, starts to move into darkness,” he said.

As people age, Lorenz said the consequences of their actions tend to be more impactful, to the point students can make irreversible decisions that can result in death of themselves or others.

Lorenz used a presentation including upbeat rock music and pictures of students who committed suicide to demonstrate the impact bullying can have on students.

The presentation also addressed not texting or drinking while driving, not doing drugs and several clips from a series by CNN on heroes showing how students could make positive changes through acceptance and activism.

“If not to help change your life, to make a change in someone else’s life,” Lorenz said of positive behaviors.

Lorenz shared he has a teenage daughter.

“All these issues have come home to roost,” Lorenz said.

The three things Lorenz wanted students to focus on, were that even their small choices mattered, that those choices could have ripple effects that followed them the rest of their lives, and that even when circumstances are out of their control, their response to the circumstances is not.

“Something with bad or embarrassing outcomes will be out there,” Lorenz said. “It can’t be taken back. Darkness cannot smother light. Even the smallest candle has the power to banish darkness.”

The speaker also spoke to elementary school students in the afternoon.