Shop Owner, CIC Discuss Building

NEW BREMEN — After village council members recently moved a property to its Community Improvement Corporation, members of the CIC discussed the property during their meeting Monday evening.

First, during their meeting Monday evening, members of the New Bremen CIC heard from Keith Quellhorst with Que’s Barber Shop.

Quellhorst noted design plans for the look of the building he is currently operating inside — the former New Bremen Parks Department building.

“I’ve got two different drawings,” Quellhorst said. “The first drawing is with the brick on the bottom with the metal siding going up and down. I would add the front porch with three pillars and all the windows would be replaced and put in new at a matching level, right now they’re not. In the second one is with vinyl siding going the other way, with the brick on the bottom, the same thing with the porch.”

Because of weather, Quellhorst said he preferred the metal siding.

“It gets hot, it gets cold, it’s going to warp a little bit,” he said of the vinyl.

Quellhorst displayed samples of the brick and the vinyl coloring for the CIC members. He noted the costs would be the same for either siding option.

He noted the back portion of the building could be rented by another business.

Village Solicitor Steve Smith noted the type of business that could go into the other side of the building would depend on the owner’s preference — whether Quellhorst would be the owner or whether the CIC would own the building.

“There would have to be an agreement with the ownership that no barber, beauty or other type of business would be located in the other part of the building as Que’s Barber Shop,” Smith said as an example.

Councilor Don Kuck noted his concern with using metal siding — that the building would resemble a pole barn.

“I think the vinyl would blend in too much with the houses,” Quellhorst said.

Kuck said he would rather have the building blend in rather than stick out.

Village Administrator Wayne York noted the council has already moved to transfer the property to the CIC.

“Everything was completed a few weeks ago,” he said.

“Council approved the rezoning of that property  — and then under separate legislation, council approved the transfer of the property to the CIC, seeing how it’s unneeded for public purposes. So the ball’s in the CIC’s court.”

At 6:30 p.m., CIC members went into executive session to discuss the property transfer. When they reconvened into regular session, CIC members made a motion to sell the former parks department building for $53,500 and make the offer to Quellhorst on the stipulations made based on what he presented during the meeting.

In other business, CIC members:

• Heard Economic Development Director Angela Hamberg’s report.

• Approved the minutes of the June 5 meeting.

• Approved the June financial reports and accounts payable.

• Authorized Hamberg to spend up to $400 for teacher lunches for the Sept. 24 business tour.

The next meeting of the New Bremen CIC will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 4 at the municipal center.